Our motivation is for children and communities, who live in extreme poverty. Without our help, they have no future. As Nelson Mandela said: ``Erradicating poverty, is not a deed of charity, but of righteousness.`` It is a fundamental right of dignity and a decent life!


Our goal is, that our projects do not need funding anymore after a number of years. Our support is focused on making the communities self sufficient, by investing in education, skill development, creating work and income through various projects. To break the circle of poverty, we need to create self sustainability.


We work together with local communities and authorities in consultation and planning. They contribute substantially to our projects. For the road construction of 5,4 km to our preschool in Uganda, local authorities paid 50% of the costs. Landowners have donated pieces of land to broaden the road from 2 to 4 meters.


Do you have a clear affinity or purpose with your sponsoring? Potable water, education, children, sustainability or vocational training? We can accommodate sponsors by providing a project that fits your profile and wishes. We like to work in partnership with our sponsors, in goals, transparency and accountability.



Are you thinking about sponsoring a child for education? About 30% of the children in Uganda can not attend school, because they lack the money for schoolfees for Primary or Secondary school. For € 25 per month you give a child a future through education.


Safe drinking water is needed in Uganda and India. Every day children die, because of poluted water. By donating a borewell, you will save lifes and eradicate waterrelated disceases like typhoid, cholera and dysentery. Cost of a borewell € 6500.


Stop Poverty does not provide fish, but a fishing rod and trains people to catch their own fish. By investing in training and income generating projects, like maize and sugarcane, we create a structural income for disadvantaged people. In time the project will be completely self sustainable. No more funding is needed.


Besides sustainable projects, a need remains for imidiate aid in case of emergencies. Often they are of a medical nature. We have seen people die, because they could not pay € 25 to the hospital! In life threatening cases, we will support the poor by emergency aid in Uganda and India.


Stop Poverty found its birth after an earthquake near Yogyakarta, Indonesia in 2006. Irene Kruizinga worked in that area and started relief work in the village Trukan. Moreover, the vulcano Merapi erupted and left thousends of people homeless and destitute.

Together with the local population 20 houses were build and hundreds of emergency parcels were distributed among the Merapi victims in an effective and low cost way. What started as a spontanous relief work, has now developed to an efficient and professional organisation.

Our original approach had NOT changed. Donations should go to the intended beneficiaries in an efficient and sustainable way. Therefore, our first responsibility is towards our sponsors, who make our work possible!

Stop Poverty garanties, that a minimum of 95% of your donations, are spend on the intended beneficiaries.