Preschools in Uganda are usually private schools and therefore not free. This means that children from poor families are not going to preschools. When these children start primary school, they lack a number of pre-requisite skills. Even before primary school has started, most underprivileged children already have a crucial disadvantage!

With the construction of this preschool Stop Poverty wants to bridge the gap. Via proper education at preschool level, more than 100 underprivileged children will be prepared each year to enter primary education. The construction of the preschool was completed in January 2019. Children started the school term in January 2019 in the new preschool. The official opening was 26 January 2019. In addition to many children and their parents from the local community, government officials and employees of our sponsor The Green Donkey were present. They celebrated the opening of the preschool with local staff and board members Arie and Bart.

Construction of the preschool was made possible by donations from the recycling shop The Green Donkey in the Netherlands.