Stop Poverty started as a result of a sponanious action by Irene Kruizinga in Indonesia in 2006. During an earthquake in Yogyakarta and a new outburst of the vulcano Merapi. Confronted with the victims of these disasters, she decided to start relief aid, with the co-operation of the local people. After a short week of fundraising, money started to pour in. The money was only spend on materials for 20 houses and hunderds of sanatory parcels for the victims of the Merapi outburst. Local people helped with construction and distribution. A local architect designed the houses.

At minimum costs and maximum results, our Stop Poverty DNA was born. This is still our goal and way of working.

In the following years we have been able to accomplish numerous effective projects. Together with local people, their contribution and knowledge, our combined efforts are utilised for the benefit of the poor.

What started as a spontanious relief aid, has now grown to a small effective and professional organisation, working in Uganda and India, aiming at community development and working together with local authorities and population. They participate in contribution whatever they can and share in our common succes. Continuously looking for improvement and growth, we expect even greater results in the future.