Our integral method:


By investing in income generating projects, we create a structural income for the local population. In due course, this wil be used to cover the operational costs of  the local projects, like education and vocational training. In a number of years the project will be completely financial self-sufficient, no more sponsoring is needed.


By sponsoring education of underprivileged children and skill development for (young) adults of local communities, we enhance their opportunities and work towards long term solutions.


By investing in concrete health projects, we contribute to a better health. For example: we provide potable drinking water through water wells and water purification systems. Solar lamps replace kerosine lamps for healthy lungs of schoolchildren.


By investing in agricultural land purchase and projects, we create jobs in rural area’s, where unemployment is at the levels up to 80%! Local entrepreneurship is increased by micro finance projects and creates own income for the rural population.

“Stop Poverty does not provide fish, but a fishing rod and trains people to catch their own fish.”