Problem: still no safe drinking water

One third of the Ugandan population had in 2018 still no access to safe drinking water. In addition, many water pumps are not well maintained and repairs to the water supplies take a lot of time. As a result, 20% of the water supplies do not fully work.

Stop Poverty offers safe water to build a healthy life

Safe drinking water is the base for the first step to a better and healthier life. Investing in water is of vital importance. The first water installation that Stop Poverty provided (through sponsoring) was built in 2009. Since the availability of this water installation, diarrhea and diseases such as dysentery and cholera, have dropped to almost zero!

In the meantime, we have provided several water installations for disadvantaged communities in the Jinja district in recent years. The success of this depends on the training of new and existing (village) water committees, in managing local water supplies, collecting small contributions for uses of the water and informing the community. This ensures sustainable, safe and reliable water supplies throughout our working area.