Agricultural projects for local income

By investing in income-generating projects we create a local income. This is used (in due course) to cover the operational costs of our local projects, specifically for education in Uganda. This way, our projects in Uganda will become fully self-sustained and eventually independent of sponsorship.

Exit-strategy: full self-sustainability in 2026

The objective is to be self-sustainable after 8 to 10 years, so that help from the Netherlands is no longer needed. Instead of endlessly paying for school tuition, the plan for self-sustainability is much more efficient. For this purpose, Stop Poverty will purchase agriculture land annually. Other types of activities will be developed in due course. Growing maize will give a harvest twice a year. Sugarcane gives a harvest once every 18 months but is more profitable. Livestock and milk production can be added at a later stage. Naturally, this will be developed together with the local organisation. The agricultural lands provide an annual profit of around 25%.

Self-sustainability also leads to employment

There is a high unemployment rate in rural Uganda. We contribute to local employment through our agricultural projects.