Problem: depending on dangerous and expensive kerosene lamps

In most houses in the countryside of Uganda there is no electricity. Due to poverty, kerosene lamps are used as a source of lighting, especially in rural areas, but also in urban areas where electricity is scarce. The report of the National Population and Housing Census 2014 shows that 18 million people in Uganda use kerosene lamps, known locally as “tadooba” lamps. The world bank estimates that inhaling kerosene fumes is equal to smoking two packs of cigarettes a day. The same article states that two-thirds of all female lung cancer patients are non-smokers. In addition kerosene also costs a lot of money and is very expensive for families who have less than € 30,- a month to spend.

Kerosene lamps are replaced by solar energy lamps: 1000 school children so far

Stop Poverty has provided more than 1000 children with lamps running on solar energy. This not only provides clear light when doing homework, but provides a significant health improvement for the entire household and saves money. With a small investment we can make a big impact.