Community Development: an integral approach

To fight poverty, Stop Poverty has developed an integrated approach, whereby education goes together with a program for vocational training, work & income and health. To be able to continue this work and to anchor its approach locally, the construction of a Community Development Centre building was considered necessary. This project will be carried out together with the Wilde Ganzen. Currently, we are looking actively for sponsorship.

What has the Community Development Centre to offer?

First, the Community Development Centre will be a home for our new primary school for the poorest children. Several classrooms will be used for vocational education. In this way the classrooms will be used to the maximum. This will start in 2020. The vocational education will be developed together with partners Rhiza from the Netherlands and Babuyile from South Africa. During construction research will be done for suitable subjects, local needs, opportunity as for work and (employed or self-employed). Naturally, the curriculum will be based upon this research. A vocational education alone is not enough. A basic knowledge of business plan development, accounting and bookkeeping is necessary. Also social-economic issues contribute to success for work and income.

In addition, a little health clinic will be established in the Community Development Centre. A first aid room is required for the school. In a later stage a primary care provision will also be needed. Because medical care is often not available for the poorest in the countryside, Stop Poverty wants to facilitate this. Within this framework the focus will be on prevention and education on health-related issues like safe drinking water and sanitation, but also on reproduction and preventing unwanted (teenage) pregnancies, preventing HIV/AIDS and other gender issues.

An agricultural program will be coordinated from the Community Development Centre. In addition, storages of the harvest will be built, which helps to get the right market price later in the season.

Furthermore, there will be an office for a micro finance project. This project will start in 2019. Through this program Stop Poverty will provide small loans for the local village people, mostly women who start their own business for their own income.

This way Stop Poverty can use the Community Development Centre to the maximum: with an integrated approach and with an eye for financial self-sustainability to fight poverty in rural Uganda.